Testimonial 4

From the get-go, we were so impressed at how at ease we felt with him and how well he understood our needs. He was able to give us some tips on other random wedding items we were concerned about and he assured us that he'd be able to capture every moment. He was prompt the day-of, and all of our guests were comfortable having him and his second shooter photograph 

- Janice

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Testimonial 3

Justin was flexible and responsive to everything I wanted and needed for my wedding. He captured details in such a unique manner that makes the photographs one of a kind and so amazing. I receive so many compliments on how beautiful everything looked and it's all because Justin was able to capture each moment with such emotion and care.

- Annette D

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Testimonial 2

Justin was our dream of a photographer! His pictures were all I wanted and more! He is just a delight to work with; he's hilarious, very professional, and attentive to what we wanted out of our photos. He captured the sweetest pictures of us; looks that you often don't catch the other making, smiles, and eyes that hold so much love for the other person...

- Heath P

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Testimonial 1

 I am eternally grateful for his presence. He’s like a photography ninja. You hardly know he’s there and he gets the most amazing shots. Justin is patient and insightful. He has an eye for what he feels will work and he also accommodates to the couple's wishes.

- Angelia S

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