A Photo Booth Without the Booth


Extremely Easy

It is easy enough for all of your guests to enjoy. Gather to pose or just watch, The Photo Booth is sure to get even the most shy guests in on the action.

Simply step in front of the camera, push the red button, and the Photo Booth will do the rest.

Absolutely Amazing

Smaller than a traditional photo booth, the pictures will have a unique quality that will capture the excitement you and your guest.

You'll end up with more smiles, more action, and more unique photos.



Backyard to banquet Hall

The Photo Booth will be the highlight of any party, regardless of the dress code. The Photo Booth uses your venue to create a unique backdrop


Fantastically Fun

With the looks of a vintage camera and the instant gratification of digital, the Photo Booth will be the talk among your guests.

Tiny Footprint

Tons of Fun

Photo booth prints lack in quality and are wasteful, while digital albums are quick, easy, and accessible.

A real time slideshow will display all the images during the night. Believe us, it will draw a crowd.

Seriously Social

People love posting pictures online and talking about them right after an event.

With the included kiosk, guests can sign up to be notified when the images will be available for everyone to enjoy.