The Photo Booth is located in Philadelphia. Can you travel for my wedding or party outside of Philadelphia?

Most of the events are in Philadelphia or the adjacent suburbs. There is free travel for events in the city of Philadelphia and surrounding area

What kind of events work best with The Photo Booth?

The Photo Booth is perfect for any event! We love Philadelphia Weddings, Corporate Events, Bar Mitzvah's, Charity Events, Fundraising Events, Surprise Birthday Parties, and Graduation Parties

It looks like all the photos are in black and white. What's up with that?

With black and white guests are more likely to be themselves without worrying about blemishes.

The Photo Booth's advanced image processing allows us to filter the photos being displayed on the slideshow without actually altering the photos. A USB drive will be provided at the end of the event with the traditional color images

How much lighting do you need?

The lighting setup is very minimal and does not require any extra space. The Photo Booth has an it own light that attaches to the top, which makes everyone look amazing in your pictures

How long do you need to set up?

Setting up The Photo Booth is quick and easy. We can be ready to shoot in minutes, but we usually arrive an hour early just to be safe

Where do the prints pop out? How are the photos displayed?

Instead of individual prints, The Photo Booth displays all of the pictures taken in a slideshow. The slide show will continually update with new photos as they are taken. It tends to draw a big crowd. During the event guest can upload their images directly to the social media via social kiosk. After the party, guests can download the pictures for free, or easily purchase prints from the provided link

What's all this talk about an online photo gallery?

After each event, your photos will be uploaded an online gallery so that your guests can view, save, and share them after the party is over

Who will run The Photo Booth at my party?

A highly trained photographer will set up the camera and make sure guests are getting great pictures, making sure everything runs smoothly

How can I book you for my next event?

You can drop me a line by clicking here, or clicking the big button below