Vanessa + Jonathan

Wedding at Trout Lake In Stroudsburg, PA

On Septemeber 22nd, Vanessa and Jonathan said their “I Do's” at the beautiful Trout Lake Resort in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. I started the day with Vanessa and her bridesmaids, drinking champagne and trying not to let their mascara run with how beautiful she was.

Venturing my way to the nearby cabins I found the guys, laughing and joking around dawning their superhero socks and cufflinks.

The couple had their First Look on the nearby floating docks. As Vanessa saw her soon to be husband, tears of joy rolled down her cheek and glistened like the rays of sunshine on the lake itself. In the distance, you could hear the groomsmen hooting and hollering with excitement.

An instrumental version Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ accompanied the beautiful bride as she walked down the lake’s edge to meet her husband-in-waiting. The rest of the day was filled with great laughter, tears of joy, and even a championship belt.