Jeanine + Sean // Engagement Session

In the Colonial Industrial Quarter, Historic Bethlehem PA


Growing up in separate friend circles Jeanine and Sean had both knew each other throughout high school. The first memory Jeanine has of meeting her future husband was as he calls it "the shady side lot" at Wegmans. They were both still in high school she could drive his car. At the time drove an old vintage BMW. He, unfortunately, said no, but agreed to let her check the car out, however, she had to sit in the back seat because he didn't have a passenger seat.

Their friends were incredibly persistent for Sean and Jeanine to start hanging out. In 2011 the stars their aligned when met for a "blind date", two months Sean finally asked her to go out on an official first date. After over 5 years of countless vacations, home renovations, foster dogs, and with a baby on the way, it was time for Sean and Jeanine to seal the deal. Sean asked proposed to Jeanine to at her baby shower. As Jeanine shared "It was so un-typical of him. After we opened up the presents he got down on one knee and asked if I would spend forever with him."

Jeanine and Sean picked the wonderful Colonial Industrial Quarter of Bethlehem. We traveled to the Historic Hotel Bethlem, they danced in the middle of the street on the Star of Bethlehem, and visited  Moravian College.