Casey + Greg

Wedding At Architects Golf Club In Lopatcong, NJ


It all started with, "Hello Gorgeous" on a little app called Tinder. Greg was laying it on thick until he realized he had a plethora of mutual friends with Casey. After that observation, he pumped the brakes briefly, but continued to persist. His perseverance paid off.

They had our first date at a cute title spot, ABC Kitchen. The same ABC Kitchen where it is nearly impossible to get a reservation. With prices that are rather aggressive for a first date, Casey was pleased he took the baited suggestion. 

Over the course of the year and a half before they were engaged, they spent many holidays together, celebrated birthdays together, ran a marathon together, and their love for one another grew stronger every day. Greg popped the question on Mother's Day 2016.

Admittedly without a concrete plan, he managed to pull off the quite the engagement! Casey was so surprised she initially forgot to respond. Rather she screamed, and cried, and gasped for air. At that moment, everything was right in the world. They spent the day celebrating with family and friends.

They have admitted they have always been supportive, loyal and kind to one another and "it has never been more obvious we were soul mates and meant to be together."

Their wedding took place at Architects Golf Club in Lopatcong, NJ. It was a true celebration for their love for one another.