Alexis + Logan

Wedding At Normandy Farm Hotel In Blue Bell, PA


Weather is always a funny thing with weddings. You can’t predict it, but it ends up shaping how you remember your wedding. For Alexis and Logan’s wedding, their day included a light blizzard that made the bride late to her own wedding.

I first met Alexis and Logan on the day of their wedding. This was was an interesting situation, as I like to get to know the couple before photographic their wedding; I like to hear their story. About a week before their wedding, I was contacted by Alexis's father and he explained the previous photographer they had line up was unable to capture their big day. I was essentially photographing strangers, but at the end of the day, we had become new friends.

Despite all the little mishaps and hiccups, the day was beautiful. Alexis commented later on, “Our wedding was not flawless, but it was perfect in every way. With good friends, and family, lots of laughs and love. And to top it all off, our first snowfall for the winter! That gently stayed all day. We are pretty lucky.”

This was the last wedding of 2017 and one of my favorites. Check it out!