Photo by Chad Diblasio of Diblasio Photography

I want to live in a world where we have near misses and absolute hits; great love and small disasters.

I found my obsession with light working for QVC (yes, the one that sells knife sets and televisions in 5 easy payments). I was one of the greatest times of my life - always an adventure and it kept me on my toes.

As a writer for SLR Lounge, I help other photographers reach their potential. I love sharing what I know and love to help others. I believe we are all in this together.

Finding my heart for photography means telling my client's story with the enthusiasm that they share with me. Everyone has a story to tell. I love to listen to the excitement and joy that is in their voices when they are sharing their favorite story; I try to reflect their excitement and joy in my work.

To explore my latest photographic endeavors, check out The Blog; I hope to share your story there one day.

Kind words

  • I cannot say enough about how wonderful Justin Heyes Photography was for my wedding. Justin was flexible and responsive to everything I wanted and needed for my wedding. He captured details in such a unique manner that makes the photographs one of a kind and so amazing.
  • Justin was a great asset to have as our photographer for our wedding! From the get-go we were so impressed at how at ease we felt with him and how well he understood our needs. He was prompt the day-of, and all of our guests were comfortable having him and his second shooter photograph themselves.
  • Justin was our dream of a photographer! His pictures were all I wanted and more! He is just a delight to work with; he's hilarious, very professional, and attentive to what we wanted out of our photos. He captured the sweetest pictures of us; looks that you often don't catch the other making, smiles and eyes that hold so much love for the other person... Justin captured those for us to keep forever.